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My TOP 16 Christmas Gift Ideas

This year, on the 24th of December, a lot of us won’t be able to be with our families. It pains me to think about not being able to spend the holidays together, but it won’t stop me from leaving a little gift on their doorstep to show that I’m thinking of them! When I […]


Gisele’s Legacy

It was Friday, November 13, 2009.  What a year!  Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett, hallmarks of my adolescence, both passed away.  Obama fever was in full swing. For me, it was one of the hardest years of my life for a whole other reason.  Before we get there, let me tell you about Gisele. Gisele […]


12 (Legal) Ways to Get High

Many things are uncertain right now, not just here in Montreal, but also In the US & around the world,everyone is trying to cope, it’s one crisis after another.  If that wasn’t enough, all this uncertainty is giving rise to dangerous times of solitude & depression. The first thing many of us want to do […]


A Master Class on Resilience

The Return of Isolation, or: A Master Class on Resilience! The Premier of Quebec has spoken – it’s time for everyone to go back home & stay safe. Frankly, when all this started, I was watching Legault religiously every day for 4 months. I felt ready to attack anything in the morning but after watching the […]