Top 18 Ways To Escape Without Leaving Quebec This Summer

While this summer may look different than we had imagined, I’m looking at it as an opportunity to explore the places we call home! I’ve travelled across Canada before & I know we have many beauuuutiful places that we often take for granted, starting with my incredible province – Québec!

Top 18 Ways To Escape Without Leaving Quebec This Summer:


1. Go to Provence without leaving Quebec

Lavender Fields

When you picture lush lavender fields you may be thinking about France, but what you might not have known is that we have them right here in Quebec! You can find them less than an hour from Montreal at Maison Lavande in Saint-Eustache, or venture a little further out to Bleu Lavande in Stanstead. In addition to its beauty and calming effects, these lavender fields are the perfect place for a summer photoshoot!

2. California vibes…(wellll, close enough):

Have you ever tried paddle boarding? If not, now’s the perfect time! At Sup Montreal you can rent a board, take lessons or participate in a planned excursion. Paddle boarding is super fun and a great workout – the perfect way to spend a hot summer day.

3. Unwind at the largest outdoor spa in North America

Improve your health & relax at Nordik, the largest spa in North America! Be sure to reserve in advance to take advantage of their wide array of massages, body care treatments and rituals. You can also visit the little village of Chelsea while you’re there!

4. A walk & swim in the park

Specifically, Parc de la Mauricie! With over 150 lakes and a variety of activities offered from canoeing and hiking to camping overnight, there’s so much to do and see here.

5. A bike ride & wine

Brome-Missiquoi’s wine route is home to 20 vineyards, 21 restaurants and 4 routes to drive or cycle! Reserve in advance if you want to join a guided tour and come ready to be wow-ed by Quebec’s wine culture.

6. Drive-in – just like the good old days, but better

Retro is back in style, and drive-ins are no exception! This is a great way to spend a summer night while following social distancing regulations. Now all you have to do is decide if you’re team rom-com or action.

7. All about the birds & the stars at Parc Mégantic

Take part in the park’s astronomy activities or see what birds you can spot while you hike. Make sure to buy your access right online before heading to this amazing National Park!

8. Sleep with wolves

Spend the night in Parc Omega’s Wolf Cabin, marveling at the panoramic views of these fascinating canines. The cabin can sleep up to 4 people and is fully equipped with everything you need for this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

9. Take a kitesurfing or windsurfing lesson

Ever wanted to learn how to wakeboard, snowboard, surf, or sail? How about you combine them all into one sport and take a kitesurfing or windsurfing lesson?! This extreme sport is guaranteed to thrill you – and we think there’s no better way to spend a summer day than out on the water.

10. Golf initiation

Golf courses are a great getaway! Take a golf lesson at a nice course that you don’t need to be a member of to get a taste for the sport.

11. OSM Classical flight from your car:

Drive to the Trudeau airport but try another type of flight! On August 5th, check out the OSM’s Classical Flight Benefit concert for a night of incredible music supporting the Orchestra’s mission of music accessibility and education.

12. How about a concert on a lake

Two musicians on a raft in a lake

You can hire Quebecois singer Stéphanie Bédard for a private concert at your cottage by the lake! This is a great option for those looking to do something special this summer.

13. For a longer road trip

Though the drive is long, it is completely worth it to experience the beauty of Les Iles de la Madeleine! Discover the nature, flavours and culture of the 8 islands while enjoying a vacation without leaving Quebec.

14. Another long drive with a worthwhile reward

L’Ile d’Anticosti! This is probably the most beautiful place in Quebec and with a range of accommodation and hiking trails, certainly has something for everyone.

15. Almost like flying

If you’ve been missing being up in the air, this could be the activity for you! Spend 1.5 hours among the treetops at Action Tremblant’s zipline adventure. Lines range from 230 feet to over 650 feet long and are sure to satisfy adrenaline seekers!

16. For a magical dinner

Make a reservation at Au Pied de Cochon’s Cabane d’à Côté to enjoy a magnificent orchard picnic featuring a fresh seasonal menu. What better way to enjoy the beauty of Quebec than by sampling some of its finest local products?!

17. Stop at a not so ordinary snack bar by the water

Located in Vaudreil-Dorion, this resto-terrasse is revamping fast food. Satisfy your cravings with a good french-fry or taco at Patate et Persil – we don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

18. Hit the road

Get in your car, put on your favorite Spotify mix, roll down the windows, sing your heart on & drive for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or hours!  You can do the same thing on a bus but you might get a few awkward looks 😊!  Sometimes you don’t have to go far – music can easily transport you to better places.


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