COVID Routine: TOP 15 Tips in my Lionzest Survival Kit

When I was a kid, I hated the idea of ‘routine’ and even just the word itself. I was afraid if I fell into a routine, I would stop being the passionate person that I am, which is the equivalent of happiness to me. Today, with this life storm we are facing, I’m incredibly thankful that I have a routine.

Although it is altered in some ways I feel as though if I didn’t follow this routine, I would not be myself – the girl with the lion inside, the girl with the pink glasses. Today, I thank God for routine!

So here are a few tips for getting through this crazy time. I hope I can help you see through pink glasses too:

TOP 15 Tips in my Lionzest Survival Kit:


1. Pet Therapy

I wake up and the first thing I do is pet my cat, which has been proven to be good for my health. Research shows that a cat’s purr not only lowers stress but can also lower blood pressure!!

2. Quotation inspiration

I grab my phone to find a quote that gives me a small boost. I like to share these quotes on my social networks to spread positivity to others. Check out my Lionzest Instagram and Facebook and let me know if any inspire you!

3. Accomplishment #1

I make my bed. If I don’t accomplish much (or anything) during the day, at least I know I made my bed! It also makes my room look cleaner and when I turn in for the night it feels like a little retreat.

4. Finding my zen

Meditation with the app Let’s Meditate.  I love it because I can do it in bed and the app lets you pick a theme and a duration. Go for 5 minutes, 14 minutes, 42 minutes…You decide! Some of the themes you can choose from are: Beginner’s Guide, Attract Abundance, Ease Urgencies, and Confidence. There is a theme for everyone! I find this lowers my stress, anxiety and helps me focus.

5. Better than coffee

I take a shower. I like to mix it up by starting with a hot shower and ending with a cold shower.  It wakes me up and keeps me from thinking about my troubles since I’m busy wondering if I’ll survive the shower!  That’s not all it does – it also improves circulation, helps treat depression, stimulates weight loss and strengthens your immune system. What’s not to love?!

6. Power suit

I get dressed. I feel more confident and ready to take on the day.  This is important to me because if not I feel depressed and will probably give off those negative vibes to others.

7. The great outdoors

I take a long walk with my dog. I smile and greet a lot of people. I even say “hello” to the drivers alone in their buses!  I feel the breeze on my face, stop at the park and take in all the beauty of the water, the birds, rabbits… I am in another world!  My dog is a good guide – if ever I pass a park or walk too fast, she stops, sits and looks at me.  She is 100 pounds so I have no choice but to listen and slow down. These walks outside help my body release endorphins (the happy hormone!) and increase my intake of vitamin D.  On top of it all, this is often where I solve challenges and get my best business ideas!

8. Drugged with music

I listen to my music on full blast while I walk and sometimes in the kitchen while I make my morning shake. Ideally what I listen to is upbeat and full of happiness! Some of my favourite tunes are Happy, Sun is Shining (Axwell & Ingrosso), Say a Little Prayer, Faith (George Michael) and Love Generation.  What’s on your Spotify playlist?

9. Rendezvous with Frank

I have a daily “rendezvous” with François Legault, our Premier, just to know if this whole thing is over yet. He’s live every day at 1 p.m. to give an update on what’s going on. The TV goes OFF immediately after, around 1:30 p.m. If not, welcome to the abyss of fear and what could happen. Then I wouldn’t have the energy to do anything and I’d probably get that ‘it’s the end of the world’ feeling.  So, the TV goes on at 1pm and off at 1:30!

10. Comfort food

I eat!!! A little too much 😊 – except in the morning, when I take my protein shake with all my vitamins. I’ve tried many shakes and this one (Whole Earth & Sea, made in Canada) is my favourite of all. Lunch is often a salad. In the evening it’s really important that the three of us eat together as a family and have the chance to talk about all kinds of things. I make desserts – there have been a lot of banana breads coming out of my kitchen lately, along with reminders of my childhood (fudge, rice krispie squares, pouding chomeur)!!! I love and need to cook for my family.

11. Reaching out

I make daily calls to friends and family to make sure everything is okay with them. I think most people are in their own little bubbles and afraid to reach out. Maybe they’re scared to disturb people or to hear bad news and not know how to react. My sisters are used to my calls so for them it’s just a nice part of their daily routine. As for my friends, the first thing they always say is: “I am so glad you called”. I hear the gratitude in their voices and in return, it makes me feel good. By taking a small and simple action, I feel as though I have made a difference.

12. Giving back & having purpose

I work, which gives me purpose and helps me feel useful.  I’m currently working on my “Survival Show” video series and I’m having so much fun doing it.  When I’m not helping a client with videos and their image, I feel as though I’m making a difference by introducing amazing people and giving advice on how to survive this ‘thing’ we are all going through.

13. Relaxation time

In the evening: long live Netflix!!!  I’ve finished all the shows I was watching and now I need inspiration – do you have any suggestions for me? For you, here are some of the shows I was hooked on: Modern Love, Peaky Blinders, Morning Show, Last Kingdom, Self Made, The Crown, The Witcher, The Hunters (Al Pacino is amazing!), Unorthodox, David Letterman: My Guest Needs No Introduction, The Bodyguard, Grace & Frankie (hard to believe they’re 80!!), and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (probably inspired by Joan Rivers). Let me know if you give any of them a try!

14. Perfect sleep formula

To set myself up for a good sleep, I make a big cup of Sleepytime chamomile herbal tea (the box with the teddy bear on it!), and I also take a good quality Magnesium supplement. This is my magic recipe – I sleep like a baby afterwards and forget whatever is going on to dream of a better tomorrow!

15. The power of positivity

I try to stay positive all day long.  I think that my positive attitude, music, family and the other tips mentioned above have truly been lifesavers for me!


So, the next time you see me radiating bubbly happiness and you wonder if it is all in my DNA, now you know: it’s not, I get a little help every day!


Need more help?  I hear you.  I have been working on a series of video interviews to help you get through this.  They are short and will introduce you to amazing, talented experts who will share their stories and their tips.  Please come watch on Facebook & Youtube. Like, comment & share – you might even help brighten someone else’s day!


We’re going to be okay. Now that I’ve shared mine, I’d love to hear what your routine is to help you get through this!


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3 replies
  1. Karen DeMarsh
    Karen DeMarsh says:

    Hey!! So I was thinking that I would leave you a comment on this amazing post.
    Here I go!
    Pet Therapy! Love this! I didn’t even think of applying this on my Covid life. Having Cats is a little different in the walking area, but having coffee on the deck with them exploring our yard has been a vital part of our lives these past few months.
    Quote Therapy! This something I do enjoy, from the radio, TV, or social media. There has been many a times that I have found inspiration from somewhere that helped me grow stronger everyday. I always believe that I come across these as I need to here them on that particular day.
    Accomplishment#1! Everyday, something small like making dinner (and I hate cooking), putting on actual nice clothes vs my active wear….all of these are accomplishments in my mind! Great motivator!
    Finding my ZEN! This was probably the hardest in these last few months. A quiet time to reflect and find peace. I did and do through writing….everyone needs these moments doesn’t matter what is going on in the world. Good point to bring up.
    Better Thank Coffee! WHAT??!! there is nothing better than a Skinny Vanilla Latte. Coffee is life! But I get your purpose of this, just don’t know how I would apply it my life…..I love my COFFEE!! LOL!
    Power Suit! Yep! I try to do the nice clothes any time I can….however I do love not wearing them too. If my clothes had feelings there would be a lot of hurt ones. But this is absolutely true, you feel horrible about yourself, do your hair and dress yourself up! It is something people need to read…..hopefully it would click!
    The Great Outdoors! CAMPING!! or I should say Glamping! But regardless it removes you from the house and gives you time to think and enjoy. LOVE IT!
    Drugged with Music! I am all about random moments of breaking out into dance…..yes people move to the mucis around you! Music is amazingly strong and can help you through anything! Personally I love U2, Coldplay, One Republic….fave songs are ‘Every Little Thing She Does is Magic’ by the Police & ‘Bobcaygen’ by The Hip!
    Rendezvous with Frank! Mine is not called Frank, he is Kenny (Jason), I don’t do dailies with him anymore. But I do get caught up on the news. But it is important to be informed and know where we are at.
    Comfort food! And man did I find comfort food during this time. Maybe a little too much. But it was worth it. Banana bread, pumpkin cookies, muffins…all made at home with an extra spice of love! No shame people in this!
    Reaching out ! You have people you know are struggling, this is an vital one! Again, never really thought about this. Although I did it. I did not even think it was applicable!
    Giving back & having purpose! I write and you inspire. Your Survival show is a great way to give people a push to realize that everyone is in the same boat. AMAZING idea!
    Relaxation time! Netflix, Crave & Amazon Prime are amazing and I could not have lived without it either. We have done Billions, Mr.Robot, New Girl, Life in Pieces, among others…..I think we were all doing this.
    Perfect sleep formula! Chamomile Tea is my fave! I am glad we both can enjoy this together. DeStressing before bed is vital to our lives. This is wonderful advice.
    The power of positivity! Your mind is truly what will give you the strength to survive. Postive thoughts and actions will reflect that in every aspect of your life.
    YOU inspire me & all so these are amazing points to have on anyone’s everyday list, not only during Coivd.
    Thank You for writing this.
    LOVES, Karen

    • elizabeth
      elizabeth says:

      WOW! Thank you so much Karen. Love your tips & also love that song from The Police! Hope to read you again soon!!!

      • Elizabeth Peladeau
        Elizabeth Peladeau says:

        If you liked this article you should read the next one with my “Top 18 ways to escape…” for your next visit in Quebec!


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