A Master Class on Resilience

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The Return of Isolation, or: A Master Class on Resilience!

The Premier of Quebec has spoken – it’s time for everyone to go back home & stay safe.

Frankly, when all this started, I was watching Legault religiously every day for 4 months. I felt ready to attack anything in the morning but after watching the press conference at 1:30pm, I felt a significant drop in energy & I had a hard time concentrating. Something in my head could not process. I repeated to myself: “everything is going to be okay”, but a little negative voice followed… “or is it?”

I decided that I had to stop cold turkey and cut myself off from all the bad news to save my sanity. That’s exactly what I did when June came around. Unconsciously I thought to myself ‘it’s nice outside, summer is coming, school’s out, the sun and the heat are here, it is going to be okay, like I said’ …unconsciously.

The Survival Show

In March when things sounded really bad, I wanted to make a difference. I could not run to hospitals to offer my help so I decided to do what I do best: communicate & promote great people. It started with an idea of a show where everyone would tell their story & give their top 3 survival tips.  I called it “The Survival Show”. This show was a dream I’ve had for a very long time. I’m a PR girl.  I meet tons of amazing people & I was dreaming of a platform, a media to make them shine.  The dream had just been sleeping inside my head & Covid woke it up.

 It started with a test drive with my sister (Boutique Josyben) & my friend Paul, an amazing investment teacher.  Michael Wallace (business coach at Fascinnovation) gave me the push I needed, telling me to “stop testing & just do it!” I’m so grateful to Michael for giving me that little push I needed – it’s no wonder you are a great coach to so many business people! Take a look at our interview here.

Laurie from OM Creative was next up. She spoke about life storms, what she learned while suffering from Lyme disease & what we can all learn from life storms.

Melissa Dawn, who you might have seen on morning TV, taught us how to be the CEO of our own lives.

Marie-Chantal Millette, one of the 100 colour experts in the world, gave a lesson on how to use colours to help impact our day to day. She did this all while feeding her newborn son, demonstrating another gift from Covid: truly authentic moments!

Laur Fugère, a performer, voice coach, and ex singer in big productions like Cats, Les Misérables & Le Cirque du Soleil, almost made me cry. Watch for my moving chin in the video. You can see me trying to keep it all in but with great difficulty as I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of her voice. Tell me you don’t feel the same when you hear her sing at the end of her interview?!

Daniele Soaré, first woman to work on the Toronto Stock Exchange, had it all: a luxurious life, big hotels & limousines. She left it all to live in Montreal offering her services as a Financial Coach.  Seeing how zen she is, it seems like it was a great choice that has given her a much more rewarding life!

Marie-Reine from Face Yoga Passion told us how facial yoga can help us feel better & look better! Learn more here.

Martine Lafontaine, who became a Mourning Counselor after the tragic death of her child, tells us about the fact that 95% of people have unresolved grief.  We live difficult chapters of our lives and we often think we have moved on when in reality, we’re not quite there yet.

Frankly, I find all my guests amazing.  I wish I could tell you about all 30 of them. Everyone has a story, something we can learn from. All of them offer their top 3 tips to you in my Survival Show series.

I have a favour to ask.  Please head over to the Lionzest YouTube channel, click on one of the videos & watch it.  Like them, comment on them.  Pleasssseeee give me suggestions below on what you would like in the next season of The Survival Show – your feedback lets me know how I can improve to bring you better content!

I am working on interviews to help new entrepreneurs & interviews to help you keep a healthy body and mind. I am preparing these right now & I can’t wait to introduce to you some more incredible guests so you can hear their stories & tips!

So yes, the bad news is that “stay home stay safe” is back, but there’s always a bright side. The good news is this: you are not alone, I am right here with you, trying to figure out new ways to get a message of hope to you!

Oops! I almost forgot – stay tuned to see my whole new look (new name, new branding, new blogs). I’m sure you’re going to loveeee it!  Keep an eye on my Instagram as well, where you’ll be able to keep up with my latest videos.

Stay home & stay safe,




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