My TOP 16 Christmas Gift Ideas

Cadeau de Noel

This year, on the 24th of December, a lot of us won’t be able to be with our families. It pains me to think about not being able to spend the holidays together, but it won’t stop me from leaving a little gift on their doorstep to show that I’m thinking of them!

When I was younger, I was always so eager to see my gifts that I would tear open the wrapping paper, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve started to take even more pleasure in giving than in receiving.

I know that I would love to receive each of the items on the list below. Although everyone has different tastes, I hope that you find something you like – or that someone you love would like! – on this list as well.

Since I’m a bit of a communications addict, you’ll notice that a lot of the gift ideas are photo-and-video-themed!

1. Google Photo Book:

My favourite of all time – I myself have a small collection focusing on travel and family.  Take the pictures in your phone that you barely ever look at and use them to put a smile on someone’s face. It’s magical to get lost in time in front of the fireplace, off wandering somewhere in our memories.

2. An online concert:

A concert at home means that you don’t even need to look for a parking spot! Take a look at some options here.

3. Professional photoshoot:

Whether in the studio or the outdoors, it’s great to have a professional to take pictures that you can keep for a lifetime. Check out Ariann Bt, Manon Boyer Photo and Cookie Photo.

4. 1 week of supper at Évoila5:

I personally love Évoila5! For approximately $100 you have 5 balanced meals ready to cook. I like the fact that they’re environmentally friendly, packaged entirely without plastic. Local, healthy and green – what more could you ask for?!

5. Dream time with a stylist:

When you look good, you feel good! Who doesn’t want a chance to makeover their wardrobe with a pro? Some great options are Raffiné, Les Effrontés and Style Sandra!

6. Family photo slide show:

Open up the Photos folder on your computer or your phone. How many photos are there that you don’t see often enough? Take them all and put together a montage to watch on Christmas Eve over Zoom with your family. A truly heartfelt gift that requires $0, just your time!

7. Weighted blanket:

A blanket that helps with anxiety and relaxation. I think we all need it! Check your local Costco to see if they still have some in stock – if not, you can find them online as well! A great luxury for cold nights.

8. My biography:

Give your children the gift of family history with My Biography. Give your parents a chance to tell their story for generations to come.

9. Music:

A Spotify subscription is an incredible gift! When I was young, we made ‘tapes’ – today, we make Spotify playlists! Give a membership & make a personalized playlist to remember good times!

10. Skiing:

A gift certificate for a day of skiing at the mountain of your choice!  We have so many beautiful places in Quebec to choose from.

11. Les Impatients Art Work:

Buy local for a good cause. Les Impatients helps people with mental illness through artistic expression. The pandemic is difficult for all of us, but especially for vulnerable people. T-shirt, pillowcase, glasses, note pads, gift wrap… the options are endless!

12. Luxury cuisine:

The Chef’s Box. Like eating at Europea, one of the best restaurants in Montreal, but without the trip! Celebration box, brunch box… offer them a 7-course meal this Christmas!

13. The homemade gift:

What’s your secret recipe? Start baking – cookies, spaghetti sauce, donuts, vinaigrette…  I have a feeling home cooking is going to be all the rage next year!

14. Meditation classes:

I think we would have a much better (and calmer!) world if we all started meditating, don’t you? Give someone the gift of meditation classes to unwind from a year that’s been stressful for us all.

15. Boutique Josyben:

Do you know someone who looooves horses and classic fashion & design? Josyben also offers home staging services.  It’s new, it’s local, it’s unique. Check out their jewelry – absolutely beautiful!

16. Channel your inner Hallmark:

Unplug from your computer, your phone & your television, sit still and start speaking from the heart on paper. Give compliments, tell your loved ones why you appreciate them & thank them for being in your life. It’s not just a card – it’s a priceless expression of love and gratitude.

No, we won’t get to celebrate all together this Christmas, but giving a little something might just feel like we are giving a part of us, of our hearts.

Be kind, be good, be safe.


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