My Greatest Lesson in Marketing Visibility Came From My Dog

My dog is a great marketer.

Every morning as I get out of bed, right where I put my feet down, she is there saying, “Good morning! I’m here!” It never fails to make me smile.

And it gives me my first thought of the day. “Don’t forget to walk the dog!”

But from that moment, I have 1000 more thoughts saying things like, “Don’t forget that potential client you met last week… and the one last night!” “Don’t forget to meet with the new cameraman.” “Call Mart.” “Set up lunch with…” The thoughts are endless.

Before I’m even out of the shower I’m wishing I were at my computer, getting these thoughts down before I forget.

I rush to my room and there is my dog, exactly where she is not supposed to be. It’s pretty hard to miss her looking straight at me from up on my bed!

“Hi!” she seems to say. “I’m still here! Can you see me now?”

I smile. It’s hard not to see her. She is so big, she is almost at eye level.

Again I think, “Oh yes! I can’t forget to walk the dog!”

Certain she has been seen, she jumps off the bed and quickly heads downstairs to follow up on her strategy.

When I finish getting dressed, I start heading down the stairs as well. And guess who is at the bottom, staring straight at me?

“Hi! I’m still here! You won’t forget me, will you?”

Again, I can’t help but smile and think, “Oh yes, I cannot forget to walk the dog!”

It’s hard to believe I had forgotten in those few moments, but with the 1000 other thoughts all vying for attention in my head, I had!

I sit down for breakfast and to read the news on my iPad. She asks for the door and I let her out.

I eat, read, eat read, the thoughts continue (and multiply!)… and I forget.

I am almost ready to go, but I get this unshakeable feeling that I’m being watched. I hear Michael Jackson in my head singing, “I always feel like somebody’s watching me… and I get no privacy…”

She is staring at me from outside. Even the door will not stop her!

I let her in and she grabs her leash. I remember, right then, that my next move is to take the dog for a walk. And that is exactly what I do.

I love my dog. Caring for her is so important to me. Yet, she still has to work on all those reminders because otherwise, I will forget to walk her!

Why would I forget something so important?

Because we are solicited almost 24 hours a day through the phone, emails, ads, our too long “to do lists”… There is so much going on in our heads, at any given moment, that even the important things can get pushed out.

So when a client tells me, “I did one video and it did not work” or “I started a Facebook page and nobody liked it” or ” I sent an invitation, but nobody came”… I tell them about my dog.

My dog has the best visibility strategy. She is consistent. She is visible. She is PERSISTENT. She reminds me, again and again. She doesn’t bombard me, but she is always there, always getting herself in my line of sight, making me remember. And she always gets her walk.

If you do something once and it doesn’t “work”, keep going. Be consistent. Be very visible. Put your message out there, not just once, but many, many times. Every day. Every week. Be persistent!  Keep your audience engaged and intrigued with a series of videos, posted to multiple outlets. Share your knowledge. Open a Facebook page and an Instagram account and use it. Post often. Be present. Be visible. Make your audience your friend. Keep making them smile. You will get your walk!